Manila and HK resolve hostage row 0

The Philippines and Hong Kong agree to resolve a row over a 2010 bus hijacking in Manila that left eight Hong Kong tourists dead.
BBC News – Asia

Industrial wastes released into Sirsiya River hurts farming and biodiversity 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

Palestinian factions to form unity government 0

Palestinian leaders in Gaza reach agreement to form a national unity government ending seven-year rift.

Pakistan TV station in shooting row 0

Pakistan’s biggest news channel should be shut for airing claims the country’s spies were behind an attack on a TV presenter, the defence ministry says.
BBC News – Asia

NOC pays Rs 5.82 billion to IOC 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

रामेश्वर नेपालसंग- 23.04.2014 0

साप्ताहिक नेपाल सन्दर्भमा, कतारमा आप्रवासी घरेलु श्रमिकको अवस्थाका बारे एमनेष्टी इन्टरनेशनलका नेपाल निर्देशक, रामेश्वर नेपालसंगको कुराकानी | मुख पृष्ठ

सरकारी टोली सगरमाथा आधारशिविर जाने 0

अघिल्लो साता हिमपहिरोमा परी ज्यान गुमाएका शेर्पा आरोहीका परिवार तथा सरोकारवालाहरुलाई भेट्न र उनीहरुका गुनासा सुन्न सरकारी प्रतिनिधि सहितको उच्चस्तरीय टोली सगरमाथा आधार शिविर जाने भएको छ। | मुख पृष्ठ

‘घरेलु श्रमिकको संरक्षण गर्न कतार विफल’ 0

शोषण र हिंसाका शिकार बन्न वाध्य आप्रवासी घरेलु श्रमिकहरुको सँरक्षण गर्न कतारका अधिकारीहरु विफल भएको एमनेष्टि इन्टरनेशनलको एक रिपोर्टले जनाएको छ। | मुख पृष्ठ

More held in S Korea ferry disaster 0

Authorities in South Korea arrest four more crew members from the ferry that sank last week and raid the offices of companies linked to its owners.
BBC News – Asia

Satdobato finishes fifth 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

‘शेर्पा पथप्रदर्शकहरुको माग जायज’ 0

एडमण्ड हिलरीसँगै पहिलो पटक सर्वोच्च शिखर सगरमाथाको आरोहण गरेका स्वर्गीय तेन्जीङ नोर्गे शेर्पाका छोरा जाम्लिङ तेन्जीङ नोर्गेले शेर्पा पथप्रदर्शकहरुको माग जायज भएको बताएका छन्। | मुख पृष्ठ

Plane search examines coastal debris 0

Authorities in Australia are looking at material washed ashore to find out if it is related to the missing Malaysia Airlines plane.
BBC News – Asia

Police seize huge cache of red sandalwood from Dhading 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

Everest Sherpas discuss boycott 0

Sherpa guides in Nepal are meeting climbers at Everest base camp to decide whether to continue ascents after an avalanche on Friday killed 16 of their colleagues.
BBC News – Asia

In India’s vote, Hindu holy city is battleground 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

Pirates raid Malacca Straits tanker 0

Armed pirates raid an oil tanker sailing in the Malacca Straits, stealing diesel and abducting three crew members, officials in Malaysia say.
BBC News – Asia

Sydney FC fires head coach Frank Farina 0 – NEWS RSS Feed

US condemns South Sudan massacre as horrific 0

White House calls on both sides in civil war to bring to justice those who carried out “abomination” in town of Bentiu.

रियो द जेनैरोमा हिंसा 0

विश्वकप फुटबल शुरु हुन दुई महिना भन्दा कम समय रहँदा ब्राजिलको रियो दी जेनैरोमा प्रहरीको कुटपिटमा एक जना ब्यक्तिको ज्यान गएको बिरोधमा हिसांत्मक प्रदर्शनहरु भएका छन्। | मुख पृष्ठ

US president embarks on Asia tour 0

US President Barack Obama departs for a tour of Asia aimed at reassuring allies of his commitment to the region, amid rumbling tensions.
BBC News – Asia