Can You Get a Personal Loan With Bad Credit


With the economic recession making a mighty blow, millions of people still find themselves in a dwindling financial state. According to the Federal Reserve, the total U.S. consumer debt stood at a whopping $2.4 trillion in 2010! In such a scenario, companies offering debt relief programs have mushroomed all over the U.S. To aggravate problems all the more, it is not unusual for anybody to land with a bad credit.

To meet their financial needs, people take loans from different types of finance companies. An important question that arises is “Is it possible to get a loan when you are already reeling with bad credit?” Well, worry not! All is still not lost. Some smart steps from your end could ensure that your loan gets approved. Read on to know how you should go about it.

1) Look for lenders: The first step that you can take is to approach your local bank. If that doesn’t work, look for lenders who offer bad credit loans with whom a mutually beneficial agreement can be worked out. Today, you also have the option of seeking help from online lending institutions. Do a thorough research to find an option that is most suitable for your financial position.

2) Check your credit report thoroughly: Get a free copy of your credit report from the credit reporting agencies. It can be obtained once every 12 months from Experian, Equifax or TransUnion. Once you get the free copy, check it thoroughly for mistakes. You might find something on your report that has been entered wrongly and is preventing you from borrowing money. Contact the credit bureau to get the mistakes corrected.

3) Get a credit card for bad credit situations: There are many cards for bad credit which are available as prepaid, secured or unsecured cards. These cards help to rebuild your credit if you are successful in maintaining balances within your credit limit and making payments on time to your creditors.

4) Get your documents in order: If you are applying for the loan through a bank then you need to meet the lender in person. If online financial institutions are your choice, you need to make sure what type of supporting documentation you are required to produce. Lenders usually look for evidence such as collateral and a steady income source to feel secure about your loan repayments. Try your best to convince the lender that you are serious about making your payments.

5) Review the loan documents carefully: Check to see if the loan documents correctly and clearly mention the terms that you and the lender agreed to. Put your signature only if you have no doubts about the same.

You have to be careful enough to look into the interest rate and the repayment terms of the loan. There are lenders who also provide guaranteed bad credit loans but they charge an exorbitant interest rate. Lenders can employ various tactics to increase their revenue. Question the lender about the possible presence of hidden fees or other loopholes that are employed to make you end up paying more. Keep yourself informed and you will be able to work out the best solution to secure a loan for yourself.